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Unformatted text preview: 3.50. Set Up: Let be upward and be to the right. The missile has and The cart has and Solve: (a) At the maximum height, gives (b) Find t for (returns to initial level). gives Then (c) The missile also travels horizontally 245 m so the missile lands in the cart. 3.51. Set Up: Take upward. For the balloon, and Solve: Use the vertical motion of the balloon to find the time it is in the air: with gives The balloon travels a horizontal distance During this time the car travels a distance The car must be within from the girl when she throws the balloon. Reflect: The angle at which she throws the balloon affects both its horizontal range and its time in the air. 3.52. Set Up: Let be upward. when With x and y are related by Solve: (a) so and (b) For The ball will be 44.9 m above the ground and therefore 41.9 m above the top of the fence. 3.53. Set Up: Example 3.5 gives and Solve: (a) and occurs for (b) (c) Reflect: All three of these quantities, the range, the time in the air and the maximum height, are less than they would...
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