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The rock must travel horizontally 100 m during this time. gives (b) In going from the edge of the cliff to the plain, the boulder travels downward a distance of and The rock lands beyond the foot of the dam. Reflect: The boulder passes over the dam 2.02 s after it leaves the cliff and then travels an additional 1.01 s before landing on the plain. If the boulder has an initial speed that is less than then it lands in the lake. 3.68. Set Up: The woman and ball travel for the same time and must travel the same horizontal distance, so for the ball Solve: and 3.69. Set Up: Use coordinates with upward. Both the shell and the projectile have and as they move through the air. Solve: (a) Find the maximum height of the shell: and gives At its maximum height the shell has and Relative to the ground the projectile has velocity components and Find the maximum height of the projectile: gives and the maximum height is (b) Find the time for the shell to reach its maximum height: gives During this time the shell has traveled horizontally a distance
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