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04_InstSolManual_PDF_Part10 - 4-10 Chapter 4 4.38 Set Up...

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4.38. Set Up: Let be upward. The rock has mass For a chain of negligible weight the tension is the same at all points in the chain. Solve: (a) The free-body diagram for the rock is given in Figure 4.38. Figure 4.38 (b) gives The tension in the top link, the bottom link and the middle link is 179 N. 4.39. Set Up: Take to be upward. The mass of the bucket is and the mass of the chain is The chain also has an upward acceleration of Solve: (a) Consider the chain and bucket as a combined object of mass and weight The free-body diagram is shown in Figure 4.39a. is the tension in the top link. gives and Figure 4.39 (b) Apply to the bucket. The free-body diagram (Figure 4.39b) gives so (c) Apply to the bottom half of the chain. The free-body diagram is shown in Figure 4.39c. The bottom half of the chain has mass and weight is the tension in the middle link of the chain. gives Reflect: Part (b) can also be done by applying to the chain. The free-body diagram is given in Figure 4.39d. gives and which agrees with the value obtained previously. The tension increases from the
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