04_InstSolManual_PDF - 4-16 Chapter 4 4.52 Set Up w 5 683 N is the force of gravity exerted on you independent of your motion Your mass is m 5 w g

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4.52. Set Up: is the force of gravity exerted on you, independent of your motion. Your mass is Use coordinates with upward. Your free-body diagram is given in Figure 4.52. n is the scale reading, the force the scale exerts on you. You and the elevator have the same acceleration. Figure 4.52 Solve: gives so (a) so is positive so the acceleration is upward. (b) so is negative so the acceleration is downward. 4.53. Set Up: Use coordinates with horizontal and in the direction of the motion of the ball and with upward. Solve: (a) gives gives (b) The free-body diagram while the ball is in contact with the racket is given in Figure 4.53a. is the force exerted on the ball by the racket. After the ball leaves the racket, ceases to act, as shown in Figure 4.53b. Figure 4.53 4.54. Set Up: Let m be the mass of the tool. There is no friction. Use coordinates where is horizontal, in the direction of the 12.0 N force, and let be downward. Solve: First find the mass m :g i v e s gives and Find the acceleration due to gravity on Newtonia. gives The weight on Newtonia is
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