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5.23. Set Up: Take to be upward. The fish has the same upward acceleration as the elevator. Let be the upward force exerted on the fish by the spring balance; F is what the balance reads. Solve: (a) The free-body diagram for the fish is sketched in Figure 5.23. Figure 5.23 gives and The weight of the fish is (b) and from part (a). The elevator is accelerating downward with (d) If the cable breaks, and The elevator is in free-fall and the balance reads zero. 5.24. Set Up: (a) Set the tension in the towrope between the plane and the first glider equal to its maximum value, Consider both gliders together as a single object, apply and solve for a . Use a in a constant acceleration equation to find the required runway length. (b) Apply to the second glider and solve for the tension in the towrope that connects the two gliders. Solve: (a) The free-body diagram for both gliders as a single object of mass is given in Figure 5.24a. gives
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