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5.70. Set Up: The tension everywhere along the cable connected to the mass is W , the weight of W. The free-body diagram for the head is given in Figure 5.70a and for one of the lower pulleys in Figure 5.70b. Each object has Figure 5.70 Solve: (a) applied to the head gives and applied to the pulley gives Combining these two equations gives The mass of W should be (b) If the head moves to the right, T has a component to the left that pulls the head back to the vertical. 5.71. Set Up: for both objects. The tension in the vertical wire is w . Apply to the knot where the wires are joined and then to block A . The static friction force on block A will be whatever is required to keep block A at rest. Solve: The free-body diagram for the knot is given in Figure 5.71a. gives gives and The free-body diagram for block
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