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5.82. Set Up: The tension throughout the cable connected to W is the weight W of the hanging mass. The free- body diagram for the pulley connected to the feet is given in Figure 5.82. Figure 5.82 Solve: (a) to support the leg. gives and The mass of W is 44.7 kg. (b) The tractive force along the leg is gives 5.83. Set Up: The normal force is horizontal, perpendicular to the wall and the friction force is upward, parallel to the wall. Solve: (a) The free-body diagram is shown in Figure 5.83. Figure 5.83 (b) Note: The maximum possible static friction force is and the actual friction force is less than this. (c) Constant speed means Moving means so and 5.84. Set Up: Use coordinates with axes parallel and perpendicular to the incline, with
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Unformatted text preview: in the direction of the acceleration. Solve: With the rock is sliding up the hill the friction force is down the hill. The free-body diagram is given in Fig-ure 5.84a. Figure 5.84 ( b ) x n y mg sin f mg cos f mg f k f v a ( a ) x n y f k mg sin f mg cos f mg v a 1 x n 5 W m k 5 20 N 0.20 5 100 N. m k n 5 W f k 5 W f 5 f k 5 m k n . a 5 0. 25 N f s 5 m s n 5 1 0.50 21 50 N 2 5 n 5 F 5 50 N. f 5 W 5 20 N. x y w f F n T x 5 W 1 cos 46 1 cos 37 2 5 654 N W cos 46 1 W cos 37 2 T x 5 g F x 5 T x . W 5 438 N. 51.5 N W 1 sin 46 2 sin 37 2 5 W sin 46 2 W sin 37 2 T y 5 0. g F y 5 T y 5 51.5 N, T x x y W sin46 W cos37 W cos46 W W W sin37 T T y 37 46 5-34 Chapter 5...
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