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gives and gives down the incline. (b) The component of gravity down the incline is The maximum possible static friction force is can’t be as large as and the rock slides back down. As the rock slides down, is up the incline. The free-body diagram is given in Figure 5.84b. gives and gives down the incline. 5.85. Set Up: The free-body diagrams for the boxes are shown in Figure 5.85. Label the boxes A and B , with and F is the spring force and is the same for each box. Figure 5.85 Solve: The accelerations are in opposite directions. Reflect: The same magnitude of force is exerted on each object, but the acceleration that is produced by this force is larger for the object of smaller mass. 5.86. Set Up: The free-body diagram for the car is given in Figure 5.86. Use coordinates with axes parallel and perpendicular to the bridge surface. Figure 5.86 Solve: (a) so gives so and (b) Now friction is gives a 5 g 1 sin f2m k cos f 2 5 1 9.80 m / s 2 21 sin 36.9° 2 3 0.550
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