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Unformatted text preview: 7-1WORK ANDENERGY7Answers to Multiple Choice Problems1. B2. D3. A4. C5. C6. C7. A, D8. B, C, E9. A, D, E10. B, D11. B, D12. B, D13. B, D14. A15. CSolutions to Problems7.1. Set Up:Assume the fisherman is holding the pole straight out in front of him so that the pole and fishing line areroughly parallel to the water. Thus may be used in the relation Solve:Reflect:Becauseall of the force that the fisherman applies through the line is used to perform work on the fish.7.2. Set Up:Use On the way up, the displacement is upward and the gravity force isdownward, so On the way down, both the displacement and force are downward, so Solve:On the way up:On the way down:Reflect:When the force and displacement are in opposite directions, the work done is negative.7.3. Set Up:Use with Solve:Reflect:Since the relatively small angle of allows the boat to apply approximately 97% of the180 N force to pulling the skier....
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