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7.63 Set Up: For part (a) use to solve for W , the energy the bulb uses. Then set this value equal to for part (b), and solve for the speed. In part (c), equate the W from part (a) to and solve for the height. Solve: (a) (b) so (c) so Reflect: (b) Olympic runners achieve speeds up to approximately or roughly one third the result calculated. (c) The tallest tree on record, a Redwood, stands 364 ft or 110 m, or 4.7 times smaller than the result. 7.64. Set Up: Use the relation to relate the given power and velocity to the force required. Recall that a watt represents the rate of energy—a joule per second. Solve: The force required is thus 7.65. Set Up: Since the electricity cost rate is given in cents per each power must be multiplied by the corresponding time usage in determining the cost: Solve: (a) (b) Reflect: Note that the cost of running the motor for an entire day is thus, the cost of running the motor is times the cost of running the light. 7.66. Set Up:
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