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7.104. Set Up: Apply conservation of energy: Let so the maximum height. At this maximum height, and thus Substituting into conservation of energy gives Solve: 7.105. Set Up: We are given the energy produced per gallon, where and wish to find the number of gallons, N . We therefore need to find the kinetic energy used during each acceleration, Subsequently, for part (b), simply divide the 1 gal by N . Solve: (a) The number of gallons used per acceleration is then, (c) The number of accelerations is Reflect: The time of 10.0 s was not used in the calculation. The kinetic energy of the car depends on its speed and not on the magnitude of the acceleration used to achieve that speed. 7.106. Set Up: The mass is the density times the volume V . For a sphere, Use and convert all quantities to SI units. Solve: (a) (b) (c) The number N of bombs is the total energy divided by the energy of one bomb: 7.107. Set Up: Use the constant acceleration equation to calculate Then calculate the energy From Problem 7.106, the mass is Solve: The number N of 1.0 megaton bombs is the total energy divided by the energy of one bomb:
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