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08_InstSolManual_PDF_Part5 - Momentum 8-5(b Ki 5 1 1 0.400...

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(b) 8.19. Set Up: Use coordinates where is to the right and is upward. Solve: Collision: There is no external horizontal force during the collision so This gives and Motion after the collision: Only gravity does work and the initial kinetic energy of the combined chunks is converted entirely to gravitational potential energy when the chunk reaches its maximum height h above the valley floor. Con- servation of energy gives and Reflect: After the collision the energy of the system is when it is all kinetic energy and it is when it is all gravitational potential energy. Mechanical energy is conserved during the motion after the collision. But before the collision the total energy of the system is 50% of the mechanical energy is dissipated during the inelastic collision of the two chunks. 8.20. Set Up: The collision occurs over a short time interval and the block moves very little during the collision, so the spring force during the collision can be neglected. Use coordinates where is to the right.
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