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(c) The kinetic energy gained by the alpha particle is The energy lost by the proton is gained by the alpha particle. The total kinetic energy of the system is constant and the collision is elastic. 8.34. Set Up: Let be to the right. All velocities are x components but we will not write the x subscript. Use conservation of momentum and the relative velocity addition equation and Solve: From conservation of momentum, From the relative velocity equation, Combining these two equations gives and Then 8.35. Set Up: Let A be the bowling ball and let B be the table-tennis ball. Solve: The bowling ball continues to move at speed V in the same direction and the table-tennis ball moves in that same direction with speed 2 V . Reflect: The table-tennis ball gains some kinetic energy so the bowling ball must slow down slightly, but not much because of its large mass. 8.36. Set Up: Let one object be traveling in the direction; then the other is initially traveling in the direction, so and The initial momentum of the system is zero. Solve: (a)
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