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08_InstSolManual_PDF_Part17 - Momentum 8-17 8.61 Set Up Let...

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8.61. Set Up: Let be the initial direction of motion of the bullet and let be the direction of the final motion of the bullet. The before and after diagrams are sketched in Figure 8.61. Figure 8.61 Solve: (a) says and says and Then The stone rebounds at in a direction of from the initial direction of motion of the bullet. (b) and and the collision is inelastic. Reflect: Each component of momentum is separately conserved. Kinetic energy is a scalar, not a vector, and we never consider its “components”. 8.62. Set Up: Let be downward. Use the heights to find and the velocity of the ball just before and just after it strikes the slab. Solve: (a) so The impulse is upward. (b) The average force on the ball is 237 N, upward. 8.63. Set Up: Let be the direction the neutron is traveling initially. Since the collision is head-on all the motion is along the x axis. For a perfectly elastic collision with object B originally at rest, the final speeds are given by Eqs. 8.11 and 8.12.
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