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08_InstSolManual_PDF_Part18 - 8-18 Chapter 8(b vA f 5 1...

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(b) and 33.3% of the neutron’s original kinetic energy is transferred to the boron nucleus. Reflect: In an elastic collision with object B initially at rest, the fraction of the initial kinetic energy of object A that is transferred to B depends on the ratio of the masses of A and B . When A and B have equal masses, all the kinetic energy of A is transferred to B . 8.64. Set Up: Use coordinates with in the direction the ball is traveling initially. and and The player is treated as a particle, with all her mass concentrated at her center of mass. Solve: (a) gives and (b) Apply the impulse-momentum relation to the ball: and The racket exerts a force of 220 N on the ball. Apply the impulse-momentum relation to the player: The ball exerts a force on 220 N on the racket. These two forces form an action-reaction pair and Newton’s 3rd law requires that they have the same magnitude. 8.65. Set Up: Substitute the mass values into Eqs. 8.11 and 8.12. Solve: (a)
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