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8.77. Set Up: Apply conservation of momentum to the collision and conservation of energy to the motion after the collision. Let be to the right. Solve: Collision: gives Motion after the collision: The kinetic energy of the block immediately after the collision is converted entirely to gravitational potential energy at the maximum angle of swing. Figure 8.77 shows that the maximum height h the block swings up is given by Figure 8.77 Conservation of energy gives and Then the conservation of momentum equation gives Reflect: The original speed of the bullet is nearly three times the speed of sound in air. Kinetic energy is not con- served in the collision. Our analysis assumes that the block moves very little during the collision, while the bullet is coming to rest relative to the block. This is a good approximation since the velocity the block gets in the collision is much less than the initial velocity of the bullet. 8.78. Set Up:
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