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Unformatted text preview: Solve: gives and so Reflect: In an explosion the lighter fragment receives the most of the liberated energy. 8.86. Set Up: and After the decay the electron moves in the direction with speed and the proton moves in the direction with speed Apply conservation of momentum. Solve: (a) gives (b) (c) The final speed of the electron is much greater than that of the proton. 8.87. Set Up: Use constant acceleration equations for the free-fall to find the speed of the acorn just before it collides with the bird. The system of the bird and acorn is sketched in Figure 8.87, before and after the collision. Use the coordinates shown. Assume that gravity can be neglected during the collision. Figure 8.87 Solve: (a) For the fall of the acorn, and and gives and gives and (b) so Reflect: Momentum is a vector and there are separate equations for conservation of its x and y components. 8.88. Set Up: The friction force is Use energy considerations to find the velocity of the combined object immediately after the collision. Apply conservation of momentum to the collision. Use coordinates where immediately after the collision....
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