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9.23. Set Up: with in Solve: (a) (b) 9.24. Set Up: with in Solve: 9.25. Set Up: and The 3 in. sprocket and 24 in. wheel are mounted on the same axle and turn at the same rate. Solve: All points on the chain have the same speed so points on the rim of each sprocket move at the same tangential speed. gives Reflect: The large sprocket turns at a slower rate than the small sprocket. 9.26. Set Up: Since depends on the rotation rate, it changes as the flywheel accelerates. and is constant. Since and are in perpendicular directions, the resultant acceleration is Solve: (a) so (b) so and (c) 9.27. Set Up: Tape has The tape takes to completely unwind. Solve: (a) (b) (i) full: and (ii) empty: and (c) The length of the tape is Reflect: When the radius is smaller the angular velocity must be larger to produce the same tangential speed. 9.28. Set Up: In one back and forth cycle the head turns through Solve: (a) In the head turns through (b) (c) Estimate that the toothbrush turns back and forth through 45°five times per second. and
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