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Solve: (a) and (b) Total mass is doubled, so the mass of the foil equals the mass M of the sphere. Reflect: The moment of inertia of the compound object is the algebraic sum of I for each of its pieces. 9.36. Set Up: The rim is a thin-walled hollow cylinder with and each of the 8 spokes can be treated as a slender rod with the axis at one end, so for each spoke Solve: 9.37. Set Up: For the solid sphere and for the solid disk The two objects have the same radius R . Solve: so and Reflect: The disk has smaller weight because for it I is a larger fraction of 9.38. Set Up: For a solid disk and an axis through its center, where must be in Solve: (a) (b) In free fall, gravitational potential energy mgy is converted to kinetic energy. and 9.39. Set Up: with in Solve: and 9.40. Set Up: The volume of each blade is Each blade spins about an axis at one end, so Solve: 9.41. Set Up: The volume of a hollow cylinder of inner radius outer radius and length L is Let the density be Solve: (a) (b) Length
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