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09_InstSolManual_PDF_Part9 - Rotational Motion 9-9 For...

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9.47. Set Up: R can be calculated from the circumference c , For part (c), Solve: (a) with and and (b) (c) and so (d) A tennis ball can be modeled as a thin-walled hollow sphere, so The baseball had so I for the tennis ball is larger by a factor of For the tennis ball and Reflect: For the same M and R the mass of the tennis ball is distributed farther from the axis and I is larger. Note that does not apply in parts (a) and (b) since the ball is not rolling. There is no fixed relation between and for a thrown ball. 9.48. Set Up: The solid sphere has the uniform spherical shell has Use coordinates where is upward and at the bottom of the hill. Then and Use the notation that the solid sphere has and the hollow shell has at the bottom of the hill. Solve: (a) Conservation of energy gives so solid sphere: so Then and hollow sphere: so Then and (b) The solid sphere is moving faster when it reaches the bottom and arrives there before the hollow sphere. 9.49. Set Up:
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