09_InstSolManual_PDF - 9-14 Chapter 9 9.66 Set Up Icm 5 2 mR 2 When it rolls without slipping vcm 5 Rv When there is no friction(on the smooth ice

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9.66. Set Up: When it rolls without slipping, When there is no friction (on the smooth ice), and the rotational kinetic energy are constant. Use coordinates where is upward and at the bottom of the hill. Solve: Motion along the rough part: Let be the translational speed at the bottom of the rough part. so and Motion along the smooth part: gives 9.67. Set Up: The two hands point in the same direction at midnight. They point in opposite directions when where 1, Solve: The minute hand has and and and the time is 12:33 a.m. and 38 min and the time is 1:38 a.m. and 44 min and the time is 2:44 a.m. and 49 min and the time is 3:49 a.m. and 54 min and the time is 4:54 a.m. and the time is 6:00 a.m. and 5 min and the time is 7:05 a.m. and 11 min and the time is 8:11 a.m. and 16 min and the time is 9:16 a.m. and 21 min and the time is 10:21 a.m. and 27 min and the time is 11:27 a.m. The same times repeat in the p.m. 9.68. Set Up:
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