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Spring 2007 Midterm 2 Review Sheet Terms: ABO blood types – type a has a antigen and b antibody Race – hard to define and shit? Antigen/antibody – antigen is the same as the type, antibody is what it attacks Hemoglobin – protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen Malaria – malaria is a serious disease caused by a parasite (ss) Sickle cell anemia – disease in which the blood clots easily (SS) Melanin – brown pigment secreted by cells in the skin UV radiation – rays from the sun that can destroy folate and give vitamine d Vitamin D – neccassary for proper bone growth Folate – a neccasary nutrient Lactase – enzyme that digests lactose Lactose – complex sugar in milk Acclimation – strong physiological changes, within mutes or hours, is reversible, ie sweating in heat Acclimatization – long term physiological changes, days to months, reversible, such as tanning in response to UV Developmental acclimatization – changes in organ or body structures that occur during growth and development in response to a stressor, permanent such as increased chest size at high alt. Homeostasis – the maintenance of normal body functions Stressor – any factor that interferes with homeostasis Vasoconstriction – narrowing of blood vessels Vasodilation – opening of blood vessels Lewis Waves – alternating vasoconstriction and vasodilation Hypoxia- oxygen starvation Bergmann’s Rule – among animals with similar shapes, the smaller the animal the more heat it will loose Allen’s Rule – animals n warm climates are long and slender Primatology – the study of non-human primates Scientific name – the genus and the species together Bilateral symmetry – right sides and left sides of the body are
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MIDTERM_2_REVIEW - Anthropology 101 Spring 2007 Midterm 2...

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