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10_InstSolManual_PDF_Part2 - 10-2 Chapter 10 10.5 Set Up...

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10.5. Set Up: Let counterclockwise torques be positive. Solve: counterclockwise. Reflect: It is important to take into account the direction of each torque when computing the net torque. 10.6. Set Up: Let the direction the wheel rotates be positive. Solve: 10.7. Set Up: The applied force has moment arm Solve: gives 10.8. Set Up: Assume the wheel is initially turning clockwise and take this to be the positive sense of rotation. Solve: Use the information about the motion to find gives Friction exerts a torque of in the direction opposite to the motion. 10.9. Set Up: Let the direction the grindstone is rotating be positive. From Table 9.2, Use the information about the motion to calculate In must be in Solve: gives The net torque is due to the kinetic friction force between the ax and the grindstone. gives and so Reflect: relates the forces on the rotating object to the motion of the object. 10.10. Set Up: Apply to the bucket, with downward. Apply to the cylinder, with the direction the cylinder rotates positive.
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