10_InstSolManual_PDF - 10-10 Chapter 10 10.30 Set Up For a particle I 5 mR 2 and L 5 Iv 5 mR 2v K 5 1 Iv2 2 Solve(a The tension in the cord is

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10.30. Set Up: For a particle, and Solve: (a) The tension in the cord is directed toward the axis of rotation and produces no torque. There is no net external torque and the angular momentum of the block is conserved. (b) gives and (c) (d) The work done equals the increase in kinetic energy, 10.31. Set Up: The system before and after the collision is sketched in Figure 10.31. The gate has Take counterclockwise torques to be positive. Figure 10.31 Solve: (a) The gravity forces exert no torque at the moment of collision and angular momentum is conserved. with (b) Linear momentum is not conserved; there is an external force exerted by the pivot. But the force on the pivot has zero torque. There is no external torque and angular momentum is conserved. Reflect: This is an inelastic collision and 10.32. Set Up: For the player, with and with and Just before it is caught the ball has and with and Solve: so 10.33. Set Up: where r is his distance from the axis. so v i 5 2 p rad 6.00 s 5 1.047 rad
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