Paper 07' - Political Science 260 Paper Spring 07’ Due...

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Unformatted text preview: Political Science 260 Paper Spring 07’ Due April 16, 2007 American Labor Unions versus Mexican Labor unions In the world today most countries have some sort of organized labor union or an idea of what a labor union is. Some other countries unions are very powerful others are weak; some work for the employees some for the employers. This paper will go over the Unions of two specific countries, The United States of America and Mexico. I will begin the paper with a brief history of the unions in each country and of the major unions in that country. Once the history is established I will go into what the unions actually do and who they are known to help when it comes to labor agreements. Finally I will begin my opinion of the topic and analysis of which system is the best. The history of American labor institutions goes way back in our nation’s history to even before we were an independent nation. The idea of labor unions is believed to come to America in the early 1600’s. At this time they were not very organized, unions were made up more or less of tradesmen who only came together to discuss new ideas, and work together if problems transpired. Unions were often extremely localized; there were no national organizations to control these unions. In 1866 The Nation Labor Union was formed, this was the first national organization to organize the local unions. The Nation Labor Union helped to persuade congress into limiting the work day to eight hours. Even though they were able to accomplish this they were not very strong at all and within five years they collapsed. In 1869 the Knights of Labor was established, this union made its doors open to all workers (men, women, black, white, skilled, and unskilled), this idea just happened to be one of the major downfalls of the Knights of Labor. Because there was a huge rift between skilled and unskilled workers. During a riot a bomb was thrown at police which ended up killing a few of them. The knights of labor were accused of this and under much negative publicity and already having a rift in the organization ended up disbanding. In 1886 the American Federation of Labor (AFL) was formed. This is one of the most effective labor organizations ever established in America. They organized unions of only skilled workers in order to promote the quality of American products. The American Federation of Labor made tremendous impacts on legislation involving labor. involving labor....
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Paper 07' - Political Science 260 Paper Spring 07’ Due...

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