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10.69. Set Up: The free-body diagram for the drawbridge is given in Figure 10.69. For an axis at the lower end, Figure 10.69 Solve: (a) gives and (b) depends on the angle the bridge makes with the horizontal. is not constant during the motion and cannot be used. (c) Use conservation of energy. Take at the lower end of the drawbridge, so and gives and Reflect: If we incorrectly assume that is constant and has the value calculated in part (a), then gives The angular acceleration increases as the bridge rotates and the actual angular velocity is larger than this. 10.70. Set Up: The free-body diagram for the leg is given in Figure 10.70a. Let the pivot be at the hip joint and take counterclockwise torques to be positive. There is a force of unknown magnitude and direction that the hip joint exerts on the leg, but this force produces zero torque. Figure 10.70 Solve: (a) gives and (b)
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