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Solve: applied to the elevator gives and Reflect: The tension in the cable is about twice the weight of the elevator. 11.22. Set Up: The cross-sectional area of a hollow cylinder with inner radius and outer radius is The total weight his legs support is his weight and the weight he lifts. Assume each leg supports half of Solve: and He can lift a mass of which is a weight of 11.23. Set Up: The frequency in Hz is the number of cycles per second. The angular frequency is and has units of radians. The period T and frequency are related by Solve: (a) (b) (c) so ranges from to so T ranges from to (d) and Reflect: Visible light has much higher frequency than either sounds we can hear or ultrasound. Ultrasound is sound with frequencies higher than what the ear can hear. Large corresponds to small T . 11.24. Set Up: The period is the time for the hand to make one complete revolution. and Solve: (a) (b) 11.25. Set Up: The amplitude is the maximum displacement from equilibrium. In one period the object goes from
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