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11_InstSolManual_PDF_Part7 - Elasticity and Periodic Motion...

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(b) (c) Or, gives which checks. Reflect: The maximum force and maximum acceleration occur when the displacement is maximum and the velocity is zero. 11.32. Set Up: The fly has the same speed as the tip of the tuning fork. Solve: (a) and (b) 11.33. Set Up: with and Solve: says This gives so Reflect: When the kinetic energy is three times the elastic potential energy. 11.34. Set Up: The total energy is Solve: (a) says E increases by a factor of The new energy will be (b) The new amplitude A is 11.35. Set Up: The period is the time for one cycle. A is the maximum value of x . Solve: (a) From the figure, (b) (c) (d) From the figure, (e) so 11.36. Set Up: When the fish hangs at rest the upward spring force equals the weight mg of the fish. Solve: (a) so (b) Note that T depends only on m and k and is independent of the distance the fish is pulled down. 11.37. Set Up: From Problem 11.35, and Solve: (a) with gives (b) with gives (c) at and at Reflect: At the point in the motion where the speed is a maximum the acceleration is zero and at the point where the magnitude of the acceleration is a maximum the speed is zero.
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