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11_InstSolManual_PDF_Part13 - Elasticity and Periodic...

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11.60. Set Up: The period depends on the force constant k of the spring. At The acceleration is related to position by Take to be downward. The amplitude of the motion is Solve: gives (a) (b) The acceleration is downward. 11.61. Set Up: The maximum acceleration of the lower block can’t exceed the maximum acceleration that can be given to the other block by the friction force. Solve: For block m , the maximum friction force is gives and Then treat both blocks together and consider their simple harmonic motion. Set and solve for A : and Reflect: If A is larger than this the spring gives the block with mass M a larger acceleration than friction can give the other block, and the first block accelerates out from underneath the other block. 11.62. Set Up: He first comes to rest after beginning his swing at the end of one-half of a cycle, so Apply conservation of linear momentum to find the speed and kinetic energy of the system just after Tarzan has grabbed the chimp. The figure in the solution to Problem 11.51 shows that the height
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