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13.27. Set Up: Pascal’s law says the pressure is the same everywhere in the hydraulic fluid, so and the weight of the car and platform that is being lifted. The volume of fluid displaced at each piston when the pistons move distances and is the same, so Solve: (a) so and the diameter is 4.64 m. (b) Reflect: The work done by the man is The work done on the car is Energy conservation requires that these two quantities be equal, and they are equal. 13.28. Set Up: After the barrier is removed the top of the water moves downward a distance x and the top of the oil moves up a distance x , as shown in Figure 13.28. After the heights have changed, the gauge pressure at the bottom of each of the tubes is the same. Figure 13.28 Solve: The gauge pressure at the bottom of arm A of the tube is The gauge pres- sure at the bottom of arm B of the tube is The gauge pressures must be equal, so g divides out and so divides out and leaves so The height of fluid in arm A is and the height in arm B is (b)
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