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Unformatted text preview: 13.30. Set Up: The buoyant force exerted by the water is When the fish is fully submerged the buoyant force on it must equal its weight. Solve: (a) The average density of the fish is very close to the density of water. (b) Before inflation, When the volume increases by a factor of 1.10, the buoyant force also increases by a factor of 1.10 and becomes (c) The water exerts an upward force 29.7 N and gravity exerts a downward force of 27.0 N so there is a net upward force of 2.7 N; the fish moves upward. 13.31. Set Up: where is the volume of the object that is below the fluid’s surface. Solve: (a) Floats, so the buoyant force equals the weight of the object: Using Archimedes’s principle gives and (b) and so the mass of the floating object is He must throw out Reflect: He must throw out 20% of the boat’s mass. 13.32. Set Up: and Solve: 13.33. Set Up: Solve: The ice is floating, so Reflect: The buoyant force must support both the slab of ice and the woman. If the slab of ice is 20 cm thick andThe buoyant force must support both the slab of ice and the woman....
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