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13.35. Set Up: The net force on the sphere is zero. Solve: (a) (b) and (c) Now where is the volume of the sphere that is submerged. and Reflect: When the sphere is totally submerged, the buoyant force on it is greater than its weight. When it is floating, it needs to be only partially submerged in order to produce a buoyant force equal to its weight. 13.36. Set Up: For a floating object, the weight of the object. Water has density and seawater has density Solve: (a) Just barely floats when the volume of the object. and so (b) The volume is increased by 75% so the buoyant force is increased by 75% and can add 75% more mass, so can carry a load of The total floating mass is (c) In part (b) the total mass supported by the buoyant force is In fresh water the buoyant force is less by a factor of so the total floating mass is and the extra mass that the barge can carry is 13.37. Set Up: For a floating object, Solve: (a) says so and (b) and 92.0% is submerged and 8.0% is above the surface. 13.38. Set Up:
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