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13.46. Set Up: The equation of continuity says Solve: (a) says To keep constant the speed becomes 4 times as great. (b) requires You would have to make the cross-sectional area 5 times larger. (c) requires so to make A a factor of 5 times smaller make d a factor of times smaller, 13.47. Set Up: Toricelli’s theorem says the speed of efflux is where h is the distance of the small hole below the surface of the water in the tank. Solve: 13.48. Set Up: Let point 1 be at the surface of the water in the tank. Let point 2 be in the emerging stream of water. Since the hole is small, The density of seawater is Solve: 13.49. Set Up: Let point 1 be in the mains and point 2 be in the emerging stream at the end of the fire hose. After the water emerges from the hose, with upward velocity, it moves in free fall. Solve: gives The motion of a drop of water after it leaves the hose gives Reflect: This is the gauge pressure required to support a column of water 15.0 m high. 13.50. Set Up:
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