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13.58. Set Up: At the terminal speed and the forces balance. The viscous drag force is The weight of the sphere is Solve: The radius of the sphere is and 13.59. Set Up: The flow rate, is related to the radius R or diameter D of the artery by Poiseuille’s law: Assume the pressure gradient in the artery remains the same. Solve: so and This gives Reflect: Since the flow rate is proportional to a 19% increase in D doubles the flow rate. 13.60. Set Up: Seawater has density The bulk modulus of water is (Example 11-2). Solve: (a) (b) At the surface of seawater has mass At a depth of 10.92 km the change in volume is The volume of this mass of water at this depth therefore is 13.61. Set Up: Let x be the height of the mercury surface in the right arm above the level of the mercury-water interface in the left arm. Solve: (a) (b) The gauge pressure a distance x below the mercury surface in the right arm equals the gauge pressure at the mercury-water interface, since these two points are at the same height in the mercury. and
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