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13.66. Set Up: Apply Newton’s second law to the beaker, liquid and block as a combined object and also to the block as a single object. Take upward. Solve: Forces on the combined object: D and E read mass rather than weight, so write the equation as is the reading in kg of scale D ; a similar statement applies to Forces on A : (b) D reads the mass of A : 8.20 kg. E reads the total mass of B and C : 2.80 kg. 13.67. Set Up: The density of gold is and the density of aluminum is Solve: Find the volume of the ingot: The mass of the ingot is The total mass is the mass of gold, plus the mass of aluminum, The total volume is the volume of gold, plus the volume of aluminum, Reflect: If the ingot had the same weight in air (45.0 N) and was pure gold, its volume would be and the balance would read 42.7 N when the ingot was submerged. 13.68. Set Up: The pressure at the surface of the earth is The height of fluid in the barometer is related to air pressure p by Solve: (a) (b) 13.69. Set Up: Apply
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