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13_InstSolManual_PDF_Part15 - Fluid Mechanics 13-15 13.70...

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13.70. Set Up: The lift is where point 2 is at the lower wing surface and point 1 is at the upper wing surface. Neglect in Bernoulli’s equation. Solve: 13.71. Set Up: For a spherical astronomical object, Solve: (a) Find g on Europa: The gauge pressure at a depth of 100 m would be (b) Solve for h on earth that gives Reflect: g on Europa is less than on earth so the pressure at a water depth of 100 m is much less on Europa than it would be on earth. 13.72. Set Up: The discharge rate is The density of mercury is Let point 1 be where and point 2 is where Solve: (a) (b) (c) and 13.73. Set Up: and Solve: (a) and where and are the heights of the liquid in the two cylinders. and so (b) so and Using gives (c) Once is measured, 13.74. Set Up: Let and be the density of the fluid at points 1 and 2. Solve: (a) The derivation of Eq. (13.10) leads to and so divides out and (b) If then the density divides out and the usual continuity equation is obtained. A 1 v 1 5 A 2 v 2 r 1 5 r 2 r 1 A 1 v 1 5 r 2 A 2 v 2 . D t r 1 A 1 v 1 D t 5 r 2 A 2 v 2 D t .
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