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Unformatted text preview: 14-1TEMPERATURE ANDHEAT14Answers to Multiple-Choice Problems1.C2.B, C3.D4.B5.C6.D7.C8.C9.C10.B11.A12.D13.B14.C15.ASolutions to Problems14.1. Set Upand Solve: (a)Yes, you should be concerned.(b)Yes, bring a jacket. This would be unpleasantly warm.14.2. Set Up:To convert a temperature between and K use To convert from to subtractand multiply by To convert from to multiply by and add To convert a temperature differenceuse that Celsius and Kelvin degrees are the same size and that Solve: (a)(b)(c)(d)(e)14.3. Set Up:is the same on the Celsius and Kelvin scales. so Solve: (a)(b)14.4. Set Up:To convert a temperature from to multiply by and add To convert from Kelvin toCelsius Solve:14.5. Set Up and Solve: (a)Set and (b)It is not possible to have Reflect:Any Celsius temperature is less than the corresponding Kelvin temperature.TK5TC.TK5TC1273.15.240°C5 240°F.T5 240°.45T5 232T595T132.TF5TC5T.TF595TC132....
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