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(c) A graph of T versus t is sketched in Figure 14.34. Figure 14.34 14.35. Set Up: The initial mechanical energy of the bullet is For lead, the melting point is and Solve: where Reflect: The answer is independent of the mass of the bullet. 14.36. Set Up: The density of water is Solve: (a) The heat that goes into mass m of water to evaporate it is The heat flow for the man is where so and (b) This is about 28% of the volume of a soft-drink can. 14.37. Set Up: For water, and Solve: The minus sign says must be removed from the water. Reflect: when heat comes out of an object the equation puts in the correct sign automatically, from the sign of But in we must select the correct sign. 14.38. Set Up: For ice, For water, and Solve: Warm the ice to melt the ice, heat the water from to and boil the water. 14.39. Set Up: For water, and Solve: (a) (b) (c) The total heat released by the water that starts as steam is nearly a factor of ten larger than the heat released by water that starts at Steam burns are much more severe than hot-water burns. Reflect:
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