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14.40. Set Up: Energy is calculate the heat energy Q produced in one hour. The mass m of water that vaporizes is related to Q by 1.0 kg of water has a volume of 1.0 L. Solve: (a) each hour. (b) The number of bottles of water is 14.41. Set Up: From Problem 14.40, and Convert the temperature change in to using that Solve: (a) so (b) A fever this high can be lethal (heat stroke). 14.42. Set Up: Calculate Q for each mass of water and set their algebraic sum equal to zero. Let the water you add have mass m . The 750 g of cold water has a temperature change of and a heat flow The mass m of water has a temperature change of and a heat flow Solve: so and 14.43. Set Up: For water, Solve: (a) says (b) Water has a much larger value of c so stores more heat for the same (c) If some of the heat went into the Styrofoam™ then more would have to come out of the metal and c would be found to be greater. The value calculated in (a) would be too small. Reflect:
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