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Solve: so Reflect: The power requirement is large, the equivalent of 260 light bulbs that are 100-W, but this large power is needed only for short periods of time. 14.72. Set Up: For water, 1 L has a mass of 1 kg. Solve: (a) The energy released when 1 lb of body fat is metabolized is so Only a very fit person is capable of this. (b) The energy released is so the heat produced is (c) so so 4.88 L of water. 14.73. Set Up: Find the heat Q to raise the body temperature and find the time it takes to produce this much heat energy at a rate of Solve: (a) so 14.74. Set Up: For ethanol, For steel, The volume change for the tank is The volume change for the ethanol is The empty volume in the tank is 14.75. Set Up: Let the cross sectional area of the cup be A . For the cup, For the oil, Oil starts to overflow when Solve: Reflect: The olive oil expands more than the capacity of the cup does because it has a much larger coefficient of vol- ume expansion. 14.76. Set Up:
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