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14.85. Set Up: Assume all the ice melts. If we calculate we will know this assumption is incorrect. For aluminum, For water, and For ice, The density of water is so 1.00 L of water has mass 1.00 kg. Solve: For the soft drink, For the mug, For the ice, gives Reflect: so our assumption that all the ice melts is correct. Note that the ice and the water from the melted ice have different specific heat capacities. 14.86. Set Up: The heat current through the glass envelope must be The area of the glass envelope is Solve: 14.87. Set Up: Find the heat Q is conducted into the icebox in 10 hours. The heat from mass m of ice is Solve: Reflect: Heat is conducted into the icebox since its outside temperature is greater than its inside temperature. Most of this heat goes into melting the ice and a much smaller amount goes into raising the temperature of the water that is produced by the phase change. 14.88. Set Up: In T must be in kelvins. Solve:
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