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16.29. Set Up: for each object. For water, Solve: (a) The heat flow into the ice is The heat flow occurs at so Q is positive and is positive. (b) flows out of the heat source, at Q is negative and is negative. (c) Reflect: For the total isolated system, and the process is irreversible. 16.30. Set Up: For a reversible isothermal process where T is the Kelvin temperature at which the heat flow occurs. The heat flows in this problem are irreversible, but since is path independent the entropy change is the same as for a reversible heat flow. The heat flow when the ice melts is with Heat flows out of the ocean and into the air The heat flow for the ice occurs at The heat flow for the ocean occurs at Solve: For the ice, For the ocean, The net entropy change is The entropy of the world increases. 16.31. Set Up: and For any engine, with and Solve: (a) (b) For the hot reservoir heat flows out of the reservoir at a temperature For the cold reservoir heat flows into the reservoir at a temperature
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