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16.53. Set Up: For a heat engine For a Carnot engine Gravitational potential energy is Solve: (a) This engine has a very low thermal efficiency. (b) This equals the work output of the engine. so (c) Since 80% of food energy goes into heat, you must eat food with a food energy of Each candy bar gives The number of candy bars required is 16.54. Set Up: Solve: (a) For For must be increased (b) must be decreased 16.55. Set Up: The sun radiates heat energy at a rate The rate at which the sun absorbs heat from the surrounding space is negligible, since space is so much colder. This heat flows out of the sun at 5800 K and into the surrounding space at 3 K. From Appendix F, the radius of the sun is The surface area of a sphere with radius R is Solve: (a) In 1 s the quantity of heat radiated by the sun is (b) The process of radiation is irreversible; this heat flows from the hot object (sun) to the cold object (space) and not in the reverse direction. This is consistent with the answer to part (a). We found
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