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17_InstSolManual_PDF_Part3 - Electric Charge and Electric...

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17.10. Set Up: Like charges repel and unlike charges attract. Solve: (a) The force is attractive so the unknown charge is positive. (b) The unknown charge exerts a downward force of 0.200 N on the other charge. 17.11. Set Up: The electrical force is given by Coulomb’s law, with A proton has charge and an electron has charge Solve: (a) Yes, this force is about 52 lbs. (b) The force is smaller than in part (a) by a factor of so it is No, this force is very small. 17.12. Set Up: One mole of carbon contains Each electron has charge If charge is removed from the sphere, the sphere is left with a charge of Solve: (a) The number of moles is The number of atoms is Each atom has 6 electrons, so the number of electrons is Each electron has charge so the total negative charge of the elec- trons is (b) The sphere would be left with positive charge The force would have magnitude This is an immense force. The charges are opposite sign so the force is attractive.
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