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17.52. Set Up: Electric field points toward negative charge and away from positive charge. Figure 17.52 Solve: (a) Figure 17.52a shows and at point P. must have the direction shown, to produce a resultant field in the specified direction. is toward Q, so Q is negative. In order for the horizontal components of the two fields to cancel, Q and q must have the same magnitude. (b) No. If the lower charge were negative, its field would be in the direction shown in Figure 17.52b. The two possi- ble directions for the field of the upper charge, when it is positive ( ) or negative ( ), are shown. In neither case is the resultant field in the direction shown in the figure in the problem. 17.53. Set Up: Electric field is directed away from positive charge and toward negative charge. By symmetry, far from the edges of the sheets the field lines are perpendicular to the sheets; there is no reason to prefer to the left or to the right for a component of electric field.
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