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18.29. Set Up: Example 18.4 shows that where y is the distance from the negative plate. at the negative plate. For Solve: (a) So for for for for and for The equipotential surfaces are drawn in Figure 18.29. Figure 18.29 (b) Yes, they are separated by 5 cm. (c) The equipotential surfaces are flat sheets parallel to the plates. Reflect: The electric field lines are straight lines perpendicular to the plates, so are perpendicular to the equipoten- tial surfaces, as they must be. The electric field is uniform so the equipotential lines of constant potential difference are equally spaced. 18.30. Set Up: For a point charge, Solve: (a) at at at at and at The equipotential surfaces are sketched in Figure 18.30. Figure 18.30 (b) These equipotential surfaces are not equally spaced in distance. The and surfaces are farther apart than the and surfaces. The equipotential surfaces are closer together where
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