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18_InstSolManual_PDF_Part16 - 18-16 Chapter 18 Note that...

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Note that (c) (d) 35 nF: 75 nF: Since V is the same the capacitor with larger C stores more energy. (e) 220 V for each capacitor. 18.65. Set Up: Let and The energy stored in a capacitor is Solve: (a) The initial charge on the capacitor is (b) In the final circuit, charge Q is distributed between the two capacitors and The final circuit con- tains only the two capacitors, so the voltage across each is the same, so gives Using this in gives and The potential differences across the capacitors are the same, as they should be. (c) (d) The capacitor initially has The decrease in stored energy that occurs when the capacitors are connected is Reflect: The decrease in stored energy is because of conversion of electrical energy to other forms during the motion of the charge when it becomes distributed between the two capacitors. Thermal energy is generated by the current in the wires and energy is emitted in electromagnetic waves. 18.66. Set Up:
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