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Solve: acceleration: The maximum force and hence the maximum acceleration occurs just after they are released, when The acceleration of the proton is larger by a factor of speed: Conservation of energy says and so so the total kinetic energy of the two particles when they are far apart is Conservation of linear momentum says how this energy is divided between the proton and alpha particle. and The maximum acceleration occurs just after they are released. The maximum speed occurs after a long time. 18.81. Set Up: and The stored energy is Solve: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Since the battery is disconnected, the charge Q on the capacitor stays constant. (a) so (b) The charge can’t change, so (c) Since Q doesn’t change, E doesn’t change and (d) Q doesn’t change and C changes by a factor of so the stored energy doubles and becomes Reflect: Since the stored energy increases, work must be done by the force that pulls the plates apart.
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