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19_InstSolManual_PDF_Part17 - Current Resistance and...

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(c) The current has its largest value when so The graphs are of the same form as in Figures 19.33a and b in the textbook. Reflect: The maximum charge on the capacitor does not depend on the resistance. The initial current is the same as the current produced when the resistor alone is connected to the battery. 19.68. Set Up: The time constant is so and Solve: (a) gives Three time constants are required. (b) so 19.69. Set Up: After a long time the current has dropped to zero, there is no potential drop across the resistor and the full battery voltage is applied to the capacitor network. Just after the switch is closed the charge and voltage across each capacitor is zero and the battery voltage equals the voltage drop across the resistor. The time constant is where C is the equivalent capacitance of the network. Solve: (a) The 20.0 pF, 30.0 pF and 40.0 pF capacitors are in series and their equivalent capacitance is given by After a long time the voltage across the 10.0 pF capacitor is 50.0 V. The charge on this capacitor is
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