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Solve: (a) The graphs are the same as in Figure 19.33a and b in the textbook and are given in Figure 19.71a. (b) The graphs of i and q versus t for a discharging capacitor are sketched in Figure 19.71b. Figure 19.71 19.72. Set Up: There is a single current path so the current is the same at all points in the circuit. Assume the current is counterclockwise. Solve: (a) Apply the loop rule, traveling around the circuit in the direction of the current: Our calculated I is positive so I is counterclockwise, as we assumed. (b) 19.73. Set Up: The power for a resistor R is The power for an emf is Solve: (a) The loop rule for a counterclockwise direction gives (b) The net power output of the battery is (c) In the emf of this battery electrical energy is being consumed at the rate and in the internal resistance of the battery electrical energy is being consumed at the rate (d) Chemical energy is being converted to electrical energy at a rate of in the 12.0 V
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